Football Escapes provides premier football camps around the world, in locations such as The Maldives, Cyprus, Spain & Dubai. These camps are led by Premier League legends & supported by a team of UEFA-licensed coaches.​


  • Video Production​
  • Photography​
  • Kit launch photoshoot


High-quality social media content is one of the cornerstones of Football Escapes’ marketing strategy.

A major issue they face is having to rely on different media crews to capture their various camps throughout the year. After initial talks, it was clear that they had historically struggled to find a marketing agency to capture their Dubai camp at a high standard.

Alongside our brief of effectively capturing their two-week camp, one of our main objectives was to build a level of trust with the client.​


To build this level of trust we had several meetings prior to the camp to understand the client’s exact requirements, this was also a good opportunity for us to suggest content ideas.​

Throughout the camp we communicated daily with the client, who was based in the UK. We sharing the daily content with him within hours of each session ending, as well as capturing additional content that was not in the original scope of work.

All of this, plus the quality of content delivered, led us to build a positive relationship with the client who then requested our services to capture the following camp. ​